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Minnesota Ghost Hunters



Are You Being Haunted?
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The MORF Team are Paranormal Investigators.

Midwest Outer Realm Followers Inc.

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We have been featured on several television and radio programs including The Biography Channel's "My Ghost Story." develops new paranormal investigation equipment and improves current paranormal devices. Paranormal Gadgets currently has 3 products and more are coming shortly.
Paranormal Gadgets - Blue PodParanormal Gadgets - Red Pod  

OuterRealm Pod

Available Colors: Blue - Red - White
Does Not Detect EMF but a type of Static Charge
Very sensitive and detects people, pets and possible entities.

30 Day Replacement Guarantee on defects

NTT Begone

Fine Mist Spray that seems to Repel entities for up to
2 Days to 3 Months. A trace element seems to make it work.
The liquid is colorless, odorless and non toxic.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Paranormal Gadgets - Monster Box EM  Pump  

Monster Box EM Pump - Depth Charge model

Quiet - No Sound or Vibration
Strong EMF - measures 4 feet from Monster Box