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Welcome to Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota

               Minnesota Ghost Hunters - Supernatural Investigators of Minnesota

     Paranormal is defined as something that is outside of normal convention and beyond normal explanation. Our goal is to prove or disprove paranormal claims, with emphasis on hauntings and ghost activity. Our mission as investigators is to investigate, document and examine all substantiated indications of the supernatural. Our investigations have produced a wealth of unexplained phenomena including photographs of ghostly figures, unexplained video graphic evidence of aparitions, and digital recordings of disembodied voices obtained during EVP sessions.

     Join us in the hunt for all things supernatural. We will be posting investigation notes, when possible, along with acquired evidence. Have a question or suggestion? Do you have a haunted site you would like us to check out? Check out our parent site http://www.Siminnesota.com.


"If walls could speak, OHHH the stories your house would tell….. 

     If you own an older home, at some point you’ve probably wondered who slept in your bedroom long before you, what history has taken place in your living room, or maybe, why does that ghost keep hiding your car keys? Want to get a glimpse into the secret past of your house or business? SIM is ready to investigate - at no charge to the owner.

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